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Another Mount Rushmore?Even higher than the Statue of Liberty?

Ada have been checked about the Jade mountain in my dream(I wrote an article about my dream at,are they really exist?

That is a dream after all,it could be the mixture from real life.Hard to find the exactly one in life,but could find some Approximate items.Such as:

Wow,the awesome Mount Rushmore:

The Mount Rushmore Monument as seen from the v...What I've seem in my dream kinda like  Mount Rushmore,but Goddess of Mercy's(Avalokitesvara) face instead of  presidents' face,and, Composed by the cream-colored granite or jade or even ore.I believe what I've seem in my dream  make of jade.because they look so Smooth, crystal,I prefer they are jade too.Haha.

There are some  Approximate items out there,and you will surprise.Just people seem like to cave the stone into a huge whole body instead of the only face.The world's greatest Avalokitesvara‘s statue was builted in my hometown(Foshan city,Nanhai Region, close to Hong Kong). Chung Yeung Festival each year, Ada will climb to the highest top, to pray to the goddess of happiness in the coming year.

The above is the world's largest Avalokitesvara on the land . In Sanya, Hainan, have builted the largest offshore Avalokitesvara, The same color as I dreamed.The statue of Goddess of Mercy's  is 15 meters higher than the Statue of Liberty, 108 m high.It is the world's largest      statue.

Chinese people are industrious nation in the world, they builted the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Beijing Summer Palace,  Suizhou Marquis Yi of Zeng bells, Mawangdui in Hunan, So,What are your favorite historical interest in China?

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Looking_East said...

EVERY time that I see an ancient artifact... or art... or a piece of architecture of ancient Chinese culture... I think about it from different viewpoints...

First... all art, artifacts and architecture from ALL ancient cultures of the world are the true treasures of the world... not only for the people of that culture... but for all people.

Second... small artifacts, sculptures, paintings, and art forms in general... from individual artisans or small groups of artisans... are often overshadowed in the presence of larger pieces of architecture... but these smaller pieces of history are often more important in depicting ancient civilizations.

Third... the larger the piece of architecture... the higher the likelihood that more people of that ancient culture suffered and died in creating it. Also... the descendants of these ancient civilizations... people who are alive today... are more likely to be able to trace their family heritage to the people who suffered and died creating the architecture... than to the pharaohs, emperors or kings who ordered the architecture to be created.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great fashion pics