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The greatest emperor in Chinese history

Have you traveled to Beijing before?

If you did,I guess you have been to the Ming Tombs, the best preserved Chinese imperial tombs with 500 years history, and visiting Chang Tomb, the largest one, Emperor Yongle's Tomb.

Emperor Yongle of the Ming dynasty, his name was Zhu Di(朱棣).the fourth son of Zhu Yuanzhang(the founder of the Dynasty). Born in 1360 and died in 1424.

He did some awesome things during his life:

The  Forbidden City maker—— He moved the capital from Nanjing to Beijing where it was located in the following generations, and constructed the Forbidden City there. As the first Han Emperor that made Beijing the Capital, he established the status of Beijing as Capital City in the following 500 years.

Making the most powerful navy in world during that time——Commanding Zheng He to sail to the Atlantic.Zheng He had conducted seven voyages, the furthest of which reached as far as the east coast of Africa. The voyages have strengthened ties among China and Southeast Asia countries, and coastal countries along the Indus River. he built

Promote education and foreign affairs——Emperor Zhu Di set up a school of foreign languages such as Arabic, Persia, Swahili, Hindi and Tamil.He upheld the civil service examinations for drafting educated government officials instead of using simple recommendation and appointment.

The first compilation of the encyclopedia——He collected, sorted and classified ancient books, and organized scholars to compile an encyclopedia called Yongle Canon with 370 million characters. The encyclopedia is known as the top of its kind.(wiki will thank him.)

By way of appeasing, he brought ethnic minorities in the northeast under control, maintaining stability in the border areas.

Same as other dynasties in history, Zhu Di regarded safeguarding the throne as the first important task to meet his selfish desire.About 3000 Maid were killed by him in his life.Some people said it due to his Brutal and mania in his old age.He made The first and only "punish ten tribes" event in Chinese history.He killed one man and other 873 people of this man's ten tribes.

All in all, Emperor Yongle created a flourishing age in the early Ming Dynasty.As a emperor,Chinese people consider that his achievements outweigh his error.

In Chinese history, it seems that the more achievements the emperor had,the more mistake they made.For example, the female emperor Wu Zetian,who murdered her own daughter.Hard to believe,.such a beautiful Queen.

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