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My dream,my Utopia?

I made a very interesting dream, have to write down. Maybe you can tell me why I made this dream,probable you had made this kind of dreams before.

I made it on 13th March.I think it could be a pity if I forget it,I am so happy inside the dream.

I went to a small village of Dalian(not really went there before,not sure how it looks)that day, with some simple bag and some clothes. I seem to have encountered a robbery on the road, but passed quickly.I Could not remember how I handle it.I did not lose anything, I also met the kind-hearted young woman of the farm. She treated me some wonderful food from their hometown.
When I went out of her house after dinner, stood on A Lane.Through sereval bamboos,I saw the jade-like mountain,It made me so stunned,it turned out to be huge statues of the jade, close to the milk-white jade texture. I asked her  this kind of mountain whether still a lot or not? As if she told me, this is a natural formation, and later people artificially carved them into statues(figure of Buddha),People made them even more smooth because of carving. I am Very shocking, as if the peaks are generally huge, and the carvings of the Buddha in the mountains look awesome,with smile.Admire my own imagination now,these views could be only seem in the dreams.

These mountains and waters much more beautiful than Guilin. Because It was a quiet, elegant, with somewhat the feeling of traveling in the watercolor painting. It did not look like Guilin’s strong painting.

Most of the houses are low storey red-brick bungalow. bushes and small trees around. Everywhere looks like a picture. Across such a small mountain, quiet villages and hillside around the mirror-like lake.

The other places are very peaceful and gentle. But unfortunately wherever I go ,I always wondering where is my package. I do sometimes forgetful, which reflects in a dream. Green through quiet trails makes me want to shoot, but my camera always seem to be lost. Dreaming sometimes is very strange,Your behavior will be out of control.

I went to the village's center,  children  were playing football on the lawn. I felt like going back to my own childhood, I saw that they are innocence and cute. Later I went to the banks of the river, some of the elderly and the youth gathered here to have fun and relax, they stood on the shore of the open space or under a large banyan tree, and began to sing, dance or chat, everything seemed so harmonious, so warm.

I did not expect my favorite place come in the dream, this w as really my utopia.

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1 评论:

robburton said...

It's a very interesting dream. I think it shows how you try, in your life, to balance idealism (the view of a jade mountain) with realism and simple pleasures (the peaceful and gentle village, children playing football and laughing). Perhaps the stolen camera might indicate that you're willing to give up some of life's luxuries in order to obtain your ideal goal in life?

Good luck with your journey!