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Hollywood divorce again - Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli

I  just read that Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli  put out an official statement , that after 11 years of marriage, they are divorcing, but remain committed to parenting their 3 daughters though.

So sad that another long term couple is calling it quits. 11 years marriage and also 3 Adorable kids.what more,a few more years of dating before that, is a long time to know each other, especially in Hollywood!I am shock.

No mention of reasons behind the divorce, but this is her 2nd divorce, and she is just turning 40. I know she seems to be a very committed and busy mom, with some acting gigs here and there, and he is busy with Twilight, so what do you think?

Celebrities seem to be more likely to divorce, it is estimated that because of their communicative face a wide range of options, making the cost of divorce is lower than the average person. many marriages in China, even if there is a third party, or they have cracks,but still struggling to keep up, this is very common in ordinary people’s homes.Sometimes  for their children,sometimes for frame. Although the divorce rate in the celebrity circles of Asia is higher than civilians, but far less than the West. According to Wikipedia’s statistics, China’s divorce rate is 12.8% (2004), the United States is 34% (2009) ,I think This estimate relates to the concepts and culture.

In my view that marriage often need a dedication, sometimes it is a belief. For example, the Christian‘s divorce rate is generally low. The case of divorce are often means  a reshuffle of someone's life, which means that you need to re-start the formation of a new family, the ensuing adventure seems more.With children, the new family's relationship is more complex or tension. You meet the challenge more than ever. In any case, the children in a complete family which are the best to them, It will be a significant impact on his life.

You say: I make the greatest efforts, but he/she does not want to continue. Then we had to move forward, because we know we have done the best efforts, nothing to be ashamed, after all,as we said: tomorrow is another day.

Good News:See the picture below from wiki, the divorce rate and marriage rate of the American people are both declining, this is a good sign that people have a more rational choice of marriage, Are you happy now ?

File:Marriage and Divorce Rates in the US 1990-2007.png

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Anonymous said...

I think that as long as people view marriage from a "what does my spouse do for me" point of view rather than a "what can I give to my spouse" the divorce rate will continue. I wonder if the decrease in divorce in the USA is because people are no longer bothering to get married and are simply living together. In any case, when a marriage becomes about "me" rather than "us" it is doomed. When it is about "us" rather than "me", even if it goes through a rough time, it stands a good chance of surviving and even deepening.