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Marijuana&drugs,deal with them

English: Source: The National Institute on Dru... Today I got a reader's comment that he or she would like to know my opinion on the legalization of marijuana because he or she have never heard about a Chinese point of view oPoliticsn this issue.

May be coincidence, today I chat with an artist ,we talked about Forrest Gump,related to Jenny who took drugs.With An unhappy childhood, she was acquainted with undesirable elements, unfortunately fallen.Later, her love inspired a fresh start,.however, God has not given her more opportunities, disease (largely due to her drug use) had been engulfed her, so God is fair. Half a
lifetime before you do what must be borne by the rest of your life. This is the karma of Buddhism which has long proclaimed, Wherever there is a cause, there is a consequence. Although a lot of people do not want to see such ending.

In my view,The abuse of cannabis has been considered equivalent to drug abuse.Marijuana Should not Be Legalized as drug.

In my 20 years of education, the drug has been extremely frightening things in publicity and education .Pictures of education suggests that life-long drug addiction, drug abuse, he is like a scourge. You will be beyond redemption once you take drug. We saw the terrible pictures of drug addicts, is simply the devil eroded skull.

In China, drug abuse is illegal, must be compulsory treatment.Our country Had been subjected to the pain of the Opium War, over the years we trying to get rid of the sick man of Asia's hat. In the Olympic Games, we also made a little success .Never let drugs or drug abuse eating away our nation,and the health of each one of us.

Drug addiction in my eyes has been a suicide, and suicide in the money-burning process, I do not have more views, I boycott anything harmful to human health and the social atmosphere of the things.

I was also talking with my friend about drug abuse inside the celebrity group, although it is commonplace.Celebrity is a product of the era. People personally created celebrities, yet
some interest groups personally destruct them.The drugs have become the lingering haze in some celebrity group. My friend said:Drugs are just readily available to celebrities. People who are around them seem to delight in offering them to them.That is turth.For pecuniary interest,some people are happy to offer drug to them,Celebrities more easily than any other people get what they want, so the interest and desire could be magnified. At the same time ,They get the lure and one hundred times more than the average. People use drugs plunder wealth and status of the celebrities,what is the role of drug between them?

So drugs erode physical and mental health.They are culprits of human beings, They are also the tools of plundering the wealth and dignity.For our future,we will deal with them.

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4 评论:

Richard Sears said...

Ada Aba: No one gets addicted to marijuana. Marijuana is not addictive and it does not lead to addictive drugs any more than alcohol leads to addictive drugs. There is a lot of misinformation and lies put out by ignorant people for various reasons. If you make marijuana illegal, it only makes innocent people into criminals. Heroin and and Meth, that is different. 汉字叔叔

Frankie said...

Well Lian, you are RIGHT ON with this subject. Drugs are indeed, a very terrible and ugly scar on the face of society. It really doesn't matter which country you choose, there is going be a drug problem. And as far as marijuana is concerned, it IS addictive to a certain percentage of those who regularly use it. About 30 percent of habitual pot smokers are addicted. Now just how many of those will admit to having a problem is for a whole other column!lol... Marijuana is primarily 'known' as a 'gate-way drug'. In other words, some, not all, who start smoking pot, eventually go on to do other, more 'harder' drugs, such as cocaine, or heroin. As a musician who has traveled quite a lot, I have seen this first hand. I knew of a drummer who used to smoke cannabis (he was terrible when he was high on dope, could not keep a rhythm!), who I ran into years later, and he had such a bad cocaine problem, that no one would play with him. I am very priviledged and blessed to have had the upbringing that God granted me. Two parents who saw that I was becoming a very talented musician, and ones,who also would take the time to show me the destruction that drugs cause. My Father was a Police man, and for a few years, he worked in the narcotics division. He would teach me about the harmful, and fateful effects that drugs have ravaged upon my musician heroes. My Dad would take the time and show me the drug or drugs that killed 'this' guitar player, or damaged 'that' singer. My Mother, who was a Nurse for a while, would also help in this very important learning process, telling me about 'this' overdose today in the ER, or 'that' patient who is now brain dead, due to drug use. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for their love and guidance in this matter, for here I was, to embark in the world of entertainment, where anything and everything is available, and especially in the music scene! I thank God that I was not ignorant or foolish enough to believe the lies and false hopes surrounding the drug culture. And that is predomintantly is what it is...lies and false hope. And one will find, that someone who does abuse drugs, whether it be meth or marijuana, will always try to get you to join them...for they do not like the loneliness in their dark and seedy world. And if they can convince another, an un-educated individual to go into the gutter that they themself are already in, it, in a way, makes them feel secure. That they aren't so bad after all. This is why we are always hearing about legalizing marijuana. The more people that are dragged into this haze of mass confusion, the better the slaves of this drug feel. Will legalizing pot stop crime? Not on your life! In fact, there are many counties here in the state of California that are now revoking licenses for 'medical marijuana shops' due to the frequent robberies and shootings that have been taking place at these establishments. Remember the part about marijuana being called a 'gate-way drug'? Well, it's that and more, in more ways than one. Once pot is legalizied, which drug is next to be put on the ballots for legalization? Coke?, Acid?, Heroin?...You are right Ada Aba...drugs are bad matter which one you choose. But there will always be a problem, and it is up to those of us in society who know better, to help those who have been taken in by this very terrible and lying disease.

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