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Omg,find love in 4days?天啊,四天就邂逅爱情

I met the girlfriend in October last year, another city near me. When I saw her in the video, a pair of huge eyes embedded in the high frontal, a little dark skin. Appears to be a very outspoken girl. She was on the verge of despair, because her ex who has been married, still pursuing her, and even more incredible was that she got in touch with his wife by phone, His wife seemed very helpless  for his actions. It is said that this man had cheated a few women (by rip-off,includes her money). I could see this matter dealt a serious blow to her, be seen from her depressed mood, she felt bad luck, she said what she ask for actually very simple, just want  a man to be love within  a real life.

But then twists and turns, a bit weird, she got a friend's advice,went to the dating site,hoping to meet her Mr.right someday. she did not know how to operate, just went to a website and sign up.

More incredible is that she basically does not speak English, but she wanted to marry a guy from oversea.

Interesting is her photo. When her showed off her photo,Several girls thought that  the photo could not show her great personality, She just used her face-shot with a webcam. A pair of innocent eyes looked very confused. Interesting that An older sister told her more directly::"I think  your photo will provoke a liar, because your eyes look confused,and you seem completely lost way.I advise you use the other one. "Although she was still willing to accept our views, but we worried that she might experience a very long time searching, after all, she seemed to have no idea, unprepared, but also wanted to go to the other side of the ocean to find her husband, which was really a bit ... Yet, I was still very much appreciated her frank, sincere and courageous.

However, I recently heard some of her messages. Last night I contacted her. We said hello to each other and she began to talked about her stuff. She is preparing for the  fiance reunion now. This made me stunned. What makes this love across time and space, also across borders so easily?

This should not be regarded as news, the magic is her fiance, a Chinese-Americans who working in the U.S. government, flied to China to meet her after 4days online chatting.What make you feel more surprise is:At this exciting time for the dawn ,they fell in love at first sight, just like all of the love story of a happy ending, they decided to spend their life together,forever.

We also talked about her picture, she was sure that really only put one on dating site. She said: "He likes my true face, a pair of lost big eyes and very sincere. Some people put the artistic photos, or making interesting pose what make him feel not reliable." Very interesting, people sometimes always thinking about things too complicated,ask for  too many skills .From her example can be seen, in fact, do not have any skills is the real best skills.My girlfrien's genuine and real attracted a  gentleman who far across the ocean ,and it became the bond of their marriage.

No matter by what means,  some people make their best side show in front of others, even the ideal side, while not the most real. People see only the best side of your strong performance. However, marriage is not about ideals, Need more true and plain. Because after all the romantic prelude, we are faced with a flat  and true life. The married life is not dressed in a gorgeous robe, but eat salted fish and Chinese cabbage together in stalemate but still enjoyable. This life is precisely what she wanted,also most Chinese girls want. So she has completed her very early wish.

So,  very interesting.

This article in chinese:我遇到这位女朋友是在去年的10月份左右,她在我附近的另一个城市工作。当时我看到了视频中的她,一双巨大的眼睛镶嵌在高高的额骨上,有点黝黑的皮肤。看起来是个非常直率的女孩。她当时正在绝望的边缘,因为她前面那位已经娶了老婆了,还在追求她,更为不可思议的是她和她的老婆都通过电话了,而且他的老婆对他的行为非常无奈。据说这名男子还先后骗过几个女人的钱(包括她的钱)。我可以看出来这件事情对她的打击很大,从她沮丧的语气中看出来,她觉得自己运气太差,她说她其实要求非常简单,只是想要一个男人好好过日子。









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Now I understand. Very ego-centric, but then you are a Leo.