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Astrology:Am I a typal Leo ?(占星术:我是个典型的狮子?)

Sometimes people take a long time to discover themselves. I am nearly 33 years old, and finally found that I was not a fossil, but a woman with a typical "Leo personality".

I read some statements in a magazine about"Leo personality", I thought that the characteristics are general enough to be applied to any person... especially those horoscopes, such nonsense!But I found that too many people around me like to discuss this issue.  A lot of people of the same astrological sign have the same character.My cousin said she contacted several Leo, I was one of them, are very emotional, and suddenly want to do one thing, they will immediately warming up. She also said that she contacted the Virgo people who usually have got a little cleanliness. I disagree, I know that the horoscope is a statistical technique, a human character classification statistically. Through the birthday and place, to arrive at a unique astrological chart, and after analysis, will be aware of the characteristics of a person's character. But I think it is not applicable to any person, since the use of statistics, it is only relative data.

Until today I found a description of the article of Leo women, God, that is, describing my own thing. I do not know the constellation statistically whether fit you or not, but according to the following description, I found the Leo character is the best description of my own character. Very interesting.

For example:

"Leo people do not want to waste a little energy and time, they also need desperately to do the winner. Born in this way: disdain all the things,they must take the initiative in a love , in the business world, family life and friendship also . "

Indeed, this is the essence of my personality, strong, brave, and unwilling to admit defeat. I always want to win, want to be a useful person.

"Leo women have  noticed that today's virgin is hard to find,but still hope that her husband is a virgin. Once she know he had sex with another woman before, she might be unhappy,no passion in their sex life,though she do not say anything.  "

Well, this seems shy to admit for me, I used to be so, especially when I was a virgin , But my ex is not a virgin. when the situation happened,I was uncomfortable. Sometimes I think I am a perfectionist, require perfect on my own and also others.

" When the Leo's boyfriend sometimes focus on their work or activities while naturally decreased attention toward her, Yet ,Leo woman can not tolerate the slightest neglect. "

This Sentence is more interesting, in fact, I know I am sensitive, especially when I engage in a intimate relationships, I want to attract more attention,the more the better. Once I feel ignored, I felt uncomfortable, I will complain, cry, or lose my temper.

This article also talked about the character traits of the pairing for Leo women.

It has  inspired me to further develop my abilities to manage myself, it gave me a ray of hope. I remembered Helen. Keller who wrote "If you give me three days light", I found that I understand her desires,I try to discover myself,this feeling of desire just like a blind man who looking for bright which will not present forever,it is so eager. The world is so wonderful, the truth is there, the essence is unchanged. Let us  find one pair of bright eyes to discover them.













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