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My Inspiration of education about kids

The Children's early education is very important, and often determines the direction of their life. Some people always think that their kids are still young, Let them grew up and they will understand or give them slowly discipline. I think this is the biggest misconception.

There is an old Chinese proverb: "age of three decides on the age of eighty“,which means "the child is father of the man”, We can said that once the character and the habit of kids formed at the age of three , they will not be easily changed even they get 80 years old. London, UK Institute of Psychiatry in a recent study shows that the three-year-old children's words and deeds actually indicates that the adult‘s character. The results of this study undoubtedly offer a scientific basis for the famous Chinese old saying. I always thought that the kids' education is the sooner the better, the sooner the more easier.Neglect of early education, which is why many parents in the difficult post-education. This is the biggest inspiration in my six years of primary education.

So do you have a simple way to give the most effective education to our kids?In Ada's opinion:Do the most basic things: do not spoil your kids. Major cities in China, Doting phenomenon of kids is quite common. This can be easily tell from the number of pocket-money payment to their kids. Survey data show that:Combination of income level, the number of the Chinese people's pocket-money payment is relatively higher than in the U.S.The American People value their children's education,many parents require their kids must do household chores to have their pocket-money.

Children‘s pocket-money and the right money values are linked. University of Washington’s finance professor —Lewis, Mandell, Research on children's pocket money in the past 50 years, He pointed out that some kids who can get  pocket-money on a regular basis and unconditional, tend to not understand the thinking value for money, in fact, he said,  these kids seem to be more likely to grow as "slackers" ,because they are not making money from learning and the opportunity of work. At the same time,another search result shows that pay the pocket money to kids, may cause more harm than good for their future financial knowledge and skills.

In my opinion,in the kids' growth process, let them develop a good habit to love labor instead of the payment of pocket-money, give kids verbal praise and recognition if them do.can also give them some small reward, so they will virtually learn  that “No pains, no gains” , also know how to find pleasure in the labor. Trying to nurture kids, helping them rather than spoiling them,I believe every parent want their children to become a useful person, do not want their kids feel that they can get anything without efforts.

There are some pictures of my students,if you are interested ,I can tell you their stories.

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3 评论:

Dr. J said...

I had heard the saying, "Give me the child until they are seven and I will give you the man!" I once saw a British program about a study where they interviewed children beginning at age seven every year for the next 30 years! In each interview you could see how their values and interests were really very much the same.

Ada Aba said...

Thanks for your comment,Dr.J.You are right,we can keep entire saying: the complete saying is :三岁看八十,七岁定终生,which means:One can tell from a three year old what he will be like when he is eighty.One can tell from a seven year old what he will be like all through his life.people are so wise.

Richard Sears said...

Recently I have taught in several kindergartens. They range from groups with 2 or 3 children per teacher to 30 children per teacher. I can tell you there is not much education in a class of 30 children and one teacher. Uncle Hanzi in Tianjin 2012