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Ancient beauty, modern beauty, what a difference( 1)

China's national image film played in New York on January 17,2011, whether domestic or foreign media  made a great response and recognition on that film. The appearance of the five different areas in which Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing, Zhou Xun, Yang LIping, Zhang Zilin 's beauty really does make a ripple in the fashion circle and entertainment. Yang represents the art world, Zhang Zilin from the T station circle.  Fan Bingbing is also increasingly popular in foreign countries as ZhangZiyi, Zhou Xun is called the mainland sister entrenched, People often think they are the top five chinese modern beauty,like to take them for comparison

Simple and noble style of Zhang Ziyi is very charming:

Zhang Ziyi was abroad to attend the awards ceremony dressed in printing cheongsam paragraph dress ,she was very glamorous. The sleeveless style coupled with the high-rise, stand-up collar was designed with loins, It was full of oriental flavor.


When Zhang Ziyi just a half-baked face Sentimental wear clothes often "staggering" full. Dressed in orange is full of oriental charm ,I think stomachers look very cute on her.


So,which chinese beauty is your favorite?

more to come...

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Dr. J said...

I can't remember the movie, it had a martial arts theme I think, but Fan BingBing co-stared and now she is my favorite!

Can I PM you?