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My pet ——How to keep interesting Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets, loved by their owners.I love guinea pig,because they love to hug as me.

Guinea pigs chew in order to keep their teeth trim and healthy. Since their teeth don't fall out, they will keep growing and growing unless they have something to gnaw on.Unlike rabbits and other rodents, they need vitamin C from a food source or can actually die of scurvy!This is the most important key to keep them. I sometimes treat them a melon, they love it so much.My  little piggies do not picky at all.They are  fans of carrots and vegetable too. We've learned, They eat anything green that we gave them.

Dutch pig like only crowded together,seem they are always trying to hug.Very close,make me feel warm.I am very interested inthem,In order to know more,I did some research about this habit of them.Oh,that is  because they do this more than just living together,That is their nature,when they live in a wild state, can increase the discovery of the probability of the enemy. they crowd together so that they can use  slight sounds to communicate with each other.

There is a vedio I took when they were hugging and eating,very interesting(click it and you will see):

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