Welcome to my blog,my friend.This is writer Ada Aba's chinese blog with personal ideas from the east and west,What do you want to know about China?


what your guys want to know about china? what will you do with china in the coming years? 
You can write down the question below,I will answer you,other people will answer you too.welcome everyone write down what you are thinking,what would like to know about China?
You can write down your questions use the comment button.Enjoy it.
I will show a sample below.

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5 评论:

Ada Aba said...

how many bowls of rice Chinese people eat a day?

Anonymous said...

How is the one child policy working in China now?

Ada Aba said...

At present, China 30% to 40% of the population can have more than two babies.

According to reports,beacuse of a vast territory, social development and population development is very uneven. Throughout the different periods of development, population issues is very different in different area, so one-child policy will be not the same.I believe adjusting family planning policies is an urgent priority and that is the time to act now.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to be a writer, don't waste your time on these blogs - your time is too precious. True writing involves stories that revolve around people's emotions - emotions that transcend time, for example, I asked you your thoughts on the Nongle emperor and his murder of 2800 maids-in-waiting by slow-slicing death. You came back to me about how great the Emperor's achievements were - who cares? Ada, the story is in the life & tragic deaths of the maids-in-waiting - it wants to be told - can you not see that?
Please devote your tremendous energy into stories that revolve around human emotion - those stories can be set in any time period because human emotions, rage, jealousy, lust, love, they have not changed - only the world around us humans has changed.
I hope you are not upset with me for this diatribe but you have tremendous potential - please don't waste it on trivial things!

Alex. said...

Ni Hao Ada Aba,
What Are your thoughts about Shang Di. ???