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10 keys to make a good harmony

♥ 10 keys to make a good harmony♥
This is what Ada Aba's Summary from life,so what do you think?

【1】Same world outlook------If you are idealists, The improvement of the character rather than the pursuit of material and sensuality. then you have to find the same.

【2】same faith------ you are very serious can learn about bible everyday,you guys have something more important to share.

【3】common life goal-----Here is an exampla--Serving God/Happy marriage/Healthy kids/Helping others/successful in career,are you having the same goal?

【4】similar interests------just put it to be a list ,then find the same or nearly the will enjoy mostly of the time with her or him,That an easy example_My interests---Writing-book-Nature-Internet-Cooking-art-Dancing-Family-    Museums-News-Politics-Philosophy-Photography-Poetry-Shopping-Traveling-Volunteering-gym-Jogging-walking-hiking-church-history-hugs-kisses-surprise-Music-Meditation-Movies

【5】Learn about one another's cultures------IF you guys come from different country,I think that is common in nowadays .eastern culture is more traditional,The Western culture loves adventure and exploration. from an educational standpoint, a couple from different culture, could be helpful to both couples and our children in adapting to the internationalized age we live in.

【6】Communicate well-----Good Communication helps to build trust and strengthen in our relationship. allow you mate talk first,You will never see her or him roll her or his eyes at you when you say something because your mate will respect you. Do not take any major decisions about the family without consulting with your mate.

【7】Same lifestyle------If you leading a  lifestyle like this --No smoking drinking drug/Exercise regularly/Organic food/no clubbing/A regular daily routine/No gambling/No speculative/No debt,good choice and heathy,just looking for the same style for your rest of you life.

【8】The same way to treat people-------
*To family----always put family to she or he treat their family,that would be the way to treat you.
*To friends---- make friends with similar interests .
*To kids---you guys have the same idea on kids,how many kids will you have?do not afraid to discuss more about how to teach your kids in the future.
*To stranger----are you both enjoy volunteering?or charitable donation.I think that is a simple question to ask your mate to test if you have the same feeling about helping people.
【9】The same way to treat relationship-------If you have high ideals about love,one man one woman, a family eventually,100%Attention and effort to each other, so do not be surprise that his hands always find yours, If you enjoy lovers' world as more as often,do not date someone Too independent,do not shy to ask how much time would you like to spend with me,see if you can handle this with him or her.Make a  decision at the very beginning,do not push her or him,beacuse,you can never change people,we  are going to find the right one.

【10】the same attitude on career-------If you are very ambitious, want to have a career as wonderful as you can, but her or him  will always be content with things as they are now,never thinking about  promotion,then you are not right for each other.

what about your story?

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2 评论:

Anonymous said...

I like this post message you wrote here about relationship to someone. Keep it up for writing so well:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ada, Your posts are thoughful and thought-provoking and I thank you for making them available for me to read when I can. I have found that all you've said is true but the most important thing is that couples lead God-centered lives and not self-centered lives. This alone will allow all else to fall into place. I have been a Christian all of my life but I am just now beginning to figure some of these things out.
Thanks for sharing and creating this forum and format for my reply.

Joe Zingales
Cleveland, OH