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How to be successful in Love,Relationship,Marriage and Family

I happened to see the famous words of Albert Einstein ——Women marry men hoping they will change. Men   marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.
So what do you think so far?This is a common Truth for me.

You girlfriend who you are dating now maybe thinking about  that you will be more rich,more Responsible or more successful in the future,If you are smart enough,just lack of Luck,we will call you as Potential stock in China,which means you will be the same as potential stock ’s appreciation after marriage.because of your sense of responsibility on family.

We can tell that there are some cases like that exist,but most of the case,he will be the same no matter how long you marry,what happen?Usually 2 choices.

Men thought that the girl who he is  going to marry seems sexy, cute, sweet , and think that she is very interesting,  would be a good mother, so the men choose to marry her, and intends to spend his whole life with her, who knows after marriage she became bad-tempered and no longer focus on appearance, Even more strange is that after the birth of a child, she seems less interested in intimacy between husband and wife.

If we can find  a balance to the relationship, If we have the courage to face our life,we can avoid many problems which will soon affect our future.

We need to think more about  long-term goal,When the priest asked : do you willing to marry him .and you begin to thinking that could be late. Chinese have a saying: premarital keep your eyes open but only keep one eye open after your marriage, meaning premarital see whether he should be entrusted to the life, and if he is suitable for you, accept his shortcomings or not,It is much more practical than counting on the future.After the marriage you have to accept more of her shortcomings because your guys get closer,Advantages and disadvantages sometimes will increase,you also need to understand that a girl becomes a mother will have a necessary transition period. And two people communicate regularly,  promote a common and harmonious relationship.
In China we call it :相敬如宾, this idiom means a couple (treating )each other with respect like guests. learn to appreciate each other, often praise each other,Even though you each other, you still need to say sorry when needed, "Thank you" and "Please" are necessary and constructive for an eternal love!
This is a Chinese creed of thousands of years,it works.

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