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My political views——Bush&Obama

English: Protest against the war in Iraq in France 
President George W. Bush shakes hands with Ira... 
I  really like what my friend told me: first ask yourself what principles you believe in, then find out which politicians agree with those principles...not to read rumors on the internet or to listen to some reporter discuss his opinions.

We should have our own principles and position, draw inferences from facts, because there will be Opportunist or politicians in the media and internet trying to convince people to accept certain views or tendencies.Also,when we get info from internet,we will not lose our own way.If we want to hear The opinions of the people from internet or somewhere ,we can use this words:In china,we called it:兼听则明,偏信则暗which means: listen to both sides and you will be enlightened, heed only one side you will be benighted; a clear head comes from an open mind...
In china,news and media are not as open as The US,sometimes I choose internet to see the world.I have a responsibility to be objective.  My major is literature.I am also interested in history and politics.I am a teacher and a write,it is important for a writer that what is her view in the world ,which will also appear in her book,I try to avoid blind.Have the correct world outlook and methodology is important to me.

In general, I am getting more socially conservative.I also am against prostitution and legalization.Over the years as I get older and grow in my faith I do not like corrupt politicians and corporations.It makes you feel it is a careerist's stage.and you difficult to know the truth.

But the Conservatives sometimes too forced on other countries to take the attitude, it may be a good point of being neutral.So far,I do not like George W Bush much.I do not appreciate his war in Iraq, the toll could reach 650, 000, I am totally belong to anti-war faction, I think that the leaders who solve the problem of war and injury will never be a good leader.I will completely deny him.

To see action taken on Iran, Obama has been the praise of the president of Iran. I believe that this action has gotten the recognition from most people, at least now.No one know what happen later though.

Mo-tse  (Chinese philosopher)taught that we should love all human beings.If  everyone loved others as himself, taught Mo-tse, the troubles of society would disappear.I agree with him one hundred percent.We live together in the earth,we are brothers and sisters,why not?
I would like to hear from you below.

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1 评论:

Anonymous said...

I randomly encountered your blog and I find it to be really interesting. I would like to know your opinion on the legalization of marijuana because I've never heard about a Chinese point of view on this issue and I would love to know what you have to say on that.
That being said, I am pro-legalizing marijuana, but I respect those who are against it as well.