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Encountering beauty邂逅美好

I have a question for you, what do you live for? In fact, alive for hundreds of thousands of reasons, some people live for getting money, getting happiness and bitterness from there, some people live for enjoying life, enjoying happiness; some people live for others, they do not want to live for their own ,but for all other people who they know, or even who they do not  know, their survival, perhaps driving the other, after all, we are not a person; I live for encountering, in the long long life, I often inadvertently encounter the good people and things, beautiful people and things far more than the ugly people and things. This allows me to get inspired, get the courage and get the strength and also a good reason to live in.

April 15, 2012,what I met.

Today is Sunday and I just returned from Shamian Island's Christian Church, It is the end of Mass,I was walking on the street of Shamian, along the way, my girlfriend and I found a few interesting foreigners, including a woman pushing a baby carriages, and there was a happy chinese baby girl, and another man holding a cute chinese little girl with thick legs. On the road, the loving father want to take a photo for the little daughter,ask her: "smile." The little girl seemed very shy,shook her  two little pigtail, very cute, very happy.

Later we went into the Ruth restaurant, my girlfriend was very curious, but courageous,she went to their table and talked to them,so she later understood their situation, and took some photos for them with her half-baked English.

In fact,they are kind-hearted people come from the United States.

This  American gentlemen took the initiative to mention this little daughter  was the seventh chinese child he adopted, she has been eight years old, but she might have never grown up,still keep her three-year-old look, which is why her legs look so stout. However, this did not affect her happiness, she has such a loving father.

This  American lady also made people moving, she is very proud and happy, because she adopted a chinese child with cleft lip. Cleft lip may not strange for people, because the actress Faye Wong's daughter, who is Cleft lip also, "cleft lip", also known as Quezui, hare-lip, oral and maxillofacial common congenital malformations. An average of 700 babies per birth, there is a risk of cleft lip. I thought this baby is unfortunate but also fortunate.

In these circumstances, children, father, mother, it seemed solidified in my tearful eyes, In long-term busy and rushing times, I forgot moved, and also forget the beautiful. Thanked them, I encountered beauty again, thanked them ,from the outside of the church, I accepted the baptism of love again.

Just because there is such a great love, making the good reasons for people living in the world.









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