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My view on long distance retionship

A lot of people make the long distance relationship work,I think it would not be such difficult,just need some reason,the reason is you are looking for each other,Have you two share the same 'core' values in life with each other? (Family, friends, money, work, dreams, ambitions, kids etc.)and also share similar interests?beacuse those are things you could do together.
If you find someone really click with you ,and you two  have the plan to get together,then I wish you successful,and I think you have a lot of patience, which means you maybe more easily overcome the difficulties you encounter in the future between you two.

In China we have The story of Cowherd and Weaver Girl, the story is a myth, but touched several generations.Cowherd and Weaver Girl is the Metaphor of long distance couples.Do you want to hear the story?Here goes:

Cowherd, a human being, and the Weaving Girl, a fairy. They fall in love with each other, get married,But sad that they were forced to separate and blocked by the Milky Way. Out of compassion for them,Only  on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month each year, flocks of magpies fly to form a bridge with their bodies over the Milky Way, allowing the Cowherd and the Weaving Girl to meet each other.Only once a year to mee though, but there is love forever in their hearts. Cowherd never married again.

Naturally, the seventh day of every seventh month of the lunar calendar has become Chinese Valentine's Day. It is named as  The Qixi Festival.On this day, Chinese women customarily look up into the night sky, searching for the Weaver Girl Star and the Cowherd Star(There are 2 stars's name we made in the sky) on both sides of the Milky Way and hoping to see their annual gathering. Meanwhile, girls on the ground hope to have clever hands and good sense, just like the Weaving Girl. They also pray for a happy marriage of their own. Thus, the Qixi Festival has been entrenched in Chinese culture.

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