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Religion in China

China has 13 million baptized Christian.

There are 40 million people is not Christian identity, but believe that the existence of Jesus, and to participate in the Christian religion.
The report points out, 85% of the Chinese people have some religious beliefs or some religious belief of practice activities, only 15% of Chinese people is really the atheist.

China has about 185 million buddhist believers.

The "karma" in Buddhism indicates that everything made in your lifetime will be rewarded in your afterlife.It is great eastern philosophy,which is a religion and also a system of beliefs which help us to understand ourselves and others better.In Chinese religion there are different kinds of God. For example, the businessman  worship the God of Wealth everyday, pray that the God of Wealth  can bless them all make a fortune,earn more money.

In daily life, Ancestor worship is widely practised in China owing to the strong influence of Confucianism, which is not a religion but teaches a moral code based on human relations. basically,people burn incense and worship every day.At holidays they will also put delicious food, and share with ancestors.In special festival, Ching Ming Festival, for example,the whole families will get together to worship the  cemetery of the ancestors.

This custom continues down to the present day.

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