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The most important person in my life

My mother is a thrifty and industrious woman. 
She never buys expensive or fancy dresses for herself;  She never goes to luxurious restaurants to enjoy expensive meals. She merely eats a humble meal outside when she is too busy. She lives a busy yet simple life, without any complaints. As soon as she comes back from workplace, she sets about doing housework: sweeping the living room and bedreooms or cleaning the furniture, and putting everything in good order. Besides, she prepares nice dishes for us to eat. She seems to be on the go all the time. As she has been very busy working hard every day, she looks older than she really is. Her face is wrinkled, and her hair has turned silver white. But she looks as cheerful and happy as ever. 
Often she says to us, " A penny saved is a penny earned." What a piece of good advice this is! I never forget it and always bear it in my mind. This advice of hers will always serve as a guide to my action. My mother is great indeed, and I always feel proud of her.

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