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How to know your own personality

My personality is kinda of like Jane Eyre, I would not marry Mr. Rochester though.Me,as Jane Eyre, is a poor but aspiring, small in body but huge in soul, obscure but self-respecting girl. My striving for life, my toughness and my confidence… will impress people around me.what I give people is not only a pretty face or a transcendent temperament but a huge charm of my personality.God gave me a kind mind and a thinking brain. My idea of equality and self-respect will impress and you will  feel the energy inside me.

You might ask:hey, sounds perfect,how did  you know yourself? Actually I have answered more than 200 question online,and My report Combined with my own experience.I have some shortcomings of course.

Those are the results of me:It is easy to tell that my shortcoming are less trusting,less kinky and also less adventurous, That is ture.why less trusting?I found that When I have a relationship with someone, I would want to have more time together,  every day's chatting will be the best.Once lacking time to  communicate, I sometimes lose a sense of security.Less adventurous?You Hard to imagine how timid I am.I  never watch horror movies, If I did I could not sleep .

I have done the test of vocational interest test and skills test , as long as you find some of the authority of the test, the accuracy can still be high, if you are unsure how to answer a question, ask your parents or grandparents even better. how they think about you, or you can find some other little test  about this topic. After testing finish,you re-answer this question. There are a lot of Online free test. This scientific testing not only let you know how  to find a suitable major but also let you find a suitable partner. because of many years of experience,failed or successful , I believe that works. test results show that I am interested in doing some Creative work, such as writing.Facts have proved that is really the case. But I engaged teachers for six years,although this does not prevent me as a good teacher. The experience proves that we should learn more about Ourselves,For example, interests, skills and personality.

When I was in high school.basically no one cares what I choose as my major, I do not know the so-called personitly test also. If you know how to know yourself scientific which means  avoiding a lot of meandering paths,Vocational Interest Theory in China is Not professional or Haven't promotion, especially the kids who need to choose a major.  if you are doing business in China, I suggest you doing the character  and skills  test to the children before the college entrance examination test, and the parents are willing to spend money on their kids.  If  they choose the wrong major,will waste a lot of time in  their lives .

So how did you you sum up your own personlity?

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