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Family,our friends,supporters

  • Family is  a group of  loyal supporters.
Biology Field Trip - 1972 - 2It matters what we think and feel and nobody cares more about us than the members of our families .Family is not only for our pleasure or entertainment but for all facets of life: for better or for worse,for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do we part. When we support our families we find ourselves supported,When we can count on each other and lean on each other then family works.
  • families are  the lasting friends

The better we are to our spouses, children, parents or siblings etc. the more they will want to be better to us.we are true to ourselves and follow our feelings and share openly and honestly with our family. All in all, families are like the lasting friends.They teach us to have relationships with other people, how to love, how to get along, how to share,etc. They are the people we can always turn to...and they know us so well.

So what is The concept of the family in China?According to Ada's 20 years' observation.The Chinese people usually put family to No. 1.Family write in chinese is 家(jia).They think of that as long as family works,all other stuff will place. They are strongly centered on collectivism, that the achievement of the whole is more than the achievement of all its parts.They rely on each other, and together they achieve their goals. They are very concerned about the next generation.

So what is your concept so far?

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