Welcome to my blog,my friend.This is writer Ada Aba's chinese blog with personal ideas from the east and west,What do you want to know about China?

My job

I born in the hometown of Bruce Lee.called FoShan ,this city may also show in the movie of IP MAN,FoShan beside Guangzhou which is the southern door of china.

I have two main job in china,I am a chinese teacher teaching kids from primary school,I have been worked in this way for nearly 6 years,this year I begin to teach kids at home by myself,and get paid from their parents,that make me more easy to arrange time on writing.This year I start to work as freelance writer,I wish my works came into movies some day.

My life is full and fantastic.

Chinese is my major and specialty,this is a amazing language,I am good at Madarin and some local Chinese languages such as Cantonese.I love to use it to write or teach kidds.
 I learn from job,so I am also good at Education about kidds.I would like to discusses warmly about Chinese culture,education. history, calligraphy and arts .etc.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Zhu Di had many great accomplishments and made great strides bringing China to dominance in that time period. However, would you have thought he was a great man if you had been one to the Ladies in waiting who were "slow sliced" to death? Under Hitler's rule, Germany became a world power but precipitated WW2 and murdered many ethinicities. Would you say he was a great leader? I believe a great leader not only has the insight to build a country but the wisdom to not abuse his power - especially the murder of innocents which indicates a corrupt soul and lack of compassion.