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My favorite food-sushi

Sushi is  famous Japanese dish ,  as we know, it is one of the most popular dishes among the Japanese . In Japan, sushi is usually enjoyed on celebration. Sushi can be defined as a dish containing rice which has been prepared with sushi vinegar today. There are  different types of sushi.I gotta to show you Some popular ones:

Rice balls with fish, shellfish, etc. on its top. There are countless varieties of it, some of the most common ones usually have tuna, shrimp, eel, squid,  octopus and fried egg.

Small cups made ofyummy sushi rice and dried seaweed filled with seafood, etc. There are countless  of gunkanzushi, some of the most common ones being sea urchin and various kinds of fish eggs.

Sushi rice and seafood, etc. rolled in dried seaweed sheets which make into norimaki. There are varieties of sushi rolls differing in ingredients and thickness. Sushi rolls prepared "inside out" are very popular outside of Japan..

Temakizushi (literally:usuallly hand rolls) are cones made of nori seaweedand filled with sush  rice, seafood and vegetables or so.

Oshizushi is actually pressed sushi, in which the fish is pressed onto the sushi rice in a wooden box or other stuff. This picture shows trout oshizushi in form of a popular ekibe (train station lunch box).

You can tell Inarizushi is a simple and inexpensive type of sushi, in which sushi rice is filled into aburaage (deep fried tofu) bags.Feel like chinese taste,haha.

seafood, mushroom and vegetables are spread over sushi rice in a chirashi dish.  chirashi uses sushi rice while domburi uses regular, unseasoned rice.

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