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My favorite city——HongKong

I live closed to the Hong Kong,I took about 2 hours to Hong Kong by train.So how come I love Hong Kong so much?I decided to write some of our thoughts on why I love Hong Kong. I’m sure once you’ve read this, you will see that the “livability” factor in Hong Kong is extremely high. It’s a great place.

1.Great views——Harbour view, sea peeps, green view, open view – all these terms might be real estate jargon but in fact views are common in Hong Kong.  When you look up at all the skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, you might think that most people have a view of the neighbour’s wall or possibly their sitting room but actually a lot of people have views.  Whether it’s the million dollar view of the harbour, or a cityscape of twinkling lights at night, the views from buildings in Hong Kong are often amazing.
In Hong Kong, teams visited the memorial statu... Deutsch: Skyline von Hong Kong betrachtet vom ...

2.Dim Sum
Dim sum :Author: User:Das_O2 :Date: August 20t...
Apparently the literal translation of ‘dim sum’ is “touch the heart”. These tiny morsels of food do indeed endear themselves to you. Everyone’s got their own favourites – delicate prawn dumplings, spring rolls, turnip and taro cake – the range of dim sum available is vast. One of the drawbacks of eating dim sum is that dim sum restaurants are often huge, incredibly noisy places – all part of the experience though!

Dragon boat festivalStill somewhat unsure of its status, Hong Kong carefully observes most of the major festivals – both Chinese and Western. Hong Kong has embraced festivals such as Halloween and Valentine’s day, although Easter is a bit less popular. Hong Kong’s theme parks run special Halloween events (for a month!) and Valentine’s day offers bombard the place for a good couple of weeks. On top of this, there are the Chinese festivals, such as the Dragon boat racing day and the mid-Autumn festival.

Christmas and Chinese New Year are huge – Hong Kong people feel Christmas is a particularly “romantic” festival – I must confess to having never thought of Christmas in that light till I came here. In truth, I think Hong Kongers like Western festivals which demand little of them except the “fun” aspect. And Chinese traditions command respect.

So,what do you think about Hong Kong?What is your favorite city?

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