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red packet

Today I am going to talk about red packet.In China, the red packet is called hong bao.
In Chinese New Year giving each other “hong bao”is also a common tradition.
“Hong bao”has "lucky money" inside. If you receive a red packet means you will be lucky.

The color red for the Chinese is the lucky color. Traditionally the red packet with a print with golded letters and messages of happiness or Chinese lucky symbols like the Chinese dragon, the phoenix, Chinese Lions, the Chinese Wise Men of wealth, etc.
Now-a-days, in keeping with the times, you find anything from Mickey Mouse, Pokemon and Hello Kitty on the red packets.I will leave this here for show.

During the Chinese New Year, people like to visit each other and some people wearing some Traditional clothes as I do.people often greet each other by shouting something phrase in a joking way, like “gōng xǐ fā cái, hóng bāo ná lái.” That means “Wish you prosperous in the new year. Now Please give me a red packet!”

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2 评论:

Anonymous said...

it is not whats important on the outside of the packet other than it's cuteness. It is who it is from that is important and their sincerity.


Miss you

Karan Patel said...

Nice post! Really liked it, you gonna check this one