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Ture love can created hero

Living in the information explosion era of peace,  the values ​​of the people have rapid change, people began to become the substance, efficiency, getting a little numb feelings of love, unfailing love seems to become a myth, peopleonly occasionally in movies, novels,hard see the situation for love devotion. But today I saw the news I was shocked, in the July 20th shootings in Colorado, three men shot and killed by protected their girlfriends.

The three men Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves used their bodies to shield their girlfriends when James Eagan Holmes opened fire on the crowd at the Aurora Cineplex.

 I felt shocked Moving by so many men were instinctively willing to die to protect women they felt responsible for and love for.

Matt McQuinn,  dove on top of his girlfriend,  took the bullet that could have killed her.This is their pic below.


Jon Blunk (in the red shirt below) took his girlfriend, Jansen Young, to the movie in part because they were celebrating her graduation from veterinary school. Blunk is an ex-sailor with hopes of rejoining the military to become a Navy SEAL. He protected her with his body, and he died.


Alex Teves (in the beach picture below) shoved his girlfriend, Amanda Lindgren, to the floor as bullets flew all around them.he never hit the floor for himself,beacuse he want to save his girlfriend.

I think they use their blood and life to proved and remmind  people that:ture love can created Miracle,love give people Magic power.when they face the death,they brave enough to use their own body to block any damage from outside,leave the safe to their lover.

Perhaps only the deeds of these blood enough to remind people's numb nerves , love is so great, not out of reach, it is on our side, in each corner, and it could be explosived. We should chase and worship the ture love.

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Dave 23 said...

I used to live there. Also, I knew people at 9/11, so I understand the feeling around it.