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Litchi Bay in Guangzhou

I went to Litchi Bay on 29th June.It is located in the west of Liwan district of Guangzhou. More than 2000 years ago,Litchi Bay got its name. It successively built by people of various dynasties.

A lot of visitors would like to take those boats to have fun.

 Litchi Bay have a strong flavor of history, culture and folk customs, So it  known as Xiguan Culture Exposition in China.

various local activities like Dragon Boat Racing are held in Litchi Bay. 

Litchi Bay ’s Tingzai Porridge has been said to be the top snack in Guangdong. Every summer evening, there are many visitors go to Litchi Bay to view the scene and play together, so some sellers cook Tingzai Porridge on the boat,This is me near the cooking boat.I can tell that for its fresh light sweet taste, it becomes popular. 

I think the Ingredients are complex,but it is really yummy ,maybe you can try to cook at home:

3 1/2oz. shrimp
1.8oz. peanuts
1 egg
1.8oz. candied fruit (radish/carrot)
1.8oz. lettuce
2 green onions
2-3 parsley
3 slices ginger
1/2 cup glutinous rice

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