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Music:The Eighteen Beat of Wu Gier

As I know,In the late of the Han Dynasty , year after year of the flames, Cai Wenji became a  captive druing the fight by the hun, living beyond the Great Wall, and later marry to the king ,named Zuoxian. Spent twelve years in the north of the Great Wall, she always miss home. Pacification of the Central Plains, the Han and the Hun fixed the relationship, send  a large amount of money to redeem Wenji. So she wrote a version of the famous poem "胡笳十八拍," (The Eighteen Beat of Wu Gier). Tunes although different, but they reflect the extreme of Wenji's homesick and could not bear the painful feelings of being separated from hometown. Music is sad, torn liver and intestine.I think If you had to leave home and family  for a long time, you may experience the feeling.

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