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Music:Lofty Mountains And Flowing Water

There is just this song giving  a centering of the feeling of inner peace, clearly reflects the tranquility of the natural creatures, isolated in Wonderland, not doping of any trouble sorrow. This song’s soothing tone, as if splashing, mountain stream, harmonious rhythm, as if the ground, I think  the song is really frustrating.Listen to this song make me feel not only the man's loyalty , has also given me a peace of psychological revelation in front of the human civilization’s ignorance, when you are listening to the song upward in the night sky stars ,you will feel in the universe before it is worth mentioning, so peaceful attitude towards life of foreign objects, close to nature is a harmonious state that we should pursue.

what is your feeling?

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3 评论:

mike said...

Hi Ada,

I like this song a lot.Do you know which instruments were used to make this music? I am not familiar with Chinese instruments. Thanks!

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