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How to meet the right one without bar and club

English: Club in Okinawa, Japan.I think I am an old fashion type.I have been to bar no more than 5 times in my life,and always go with friends.People  go to a bar for a variety of  reasons. Normlly Most of them would want to meet some new friends, or just a good time and relax.

Bars, Particularly in the nightclub or club, sometimes involving drugs, pornography, and even the underworld violence,Maybe some people go there for only one night stand,so not a good idea to meet the “real”type you want.They could seems drama and Bohemian but you hard to tell sometimes,you never know what will happen next step.It seems a little more dangerous than some place,such as restaurant or book bar,drinking bar,etc.I think it will
be a good idea to join the church or take part in the group that share the same interst with you.You will have a greater chance to meet people you want to know.

About the relaxing?Those place are very noisy, seriously, we can not relax and even talking, usually soft music at home may  help.I might go to some interesting Restaurant instead.Such as someone like below which shows in picture.It seem interesting,is not it?So what is your Experience?
Postcard of New Orleans. "View of Grottos...

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