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movies:Five deadly venoms

widely known as one of the great kung fu films. although the fight choreography is a bit weak through the first part of the film, but it is solid martial arts classic.

The story revolves around  “Poison Clan” who instructs his final student to check on the activities of five former pupils, each of whom he has taught a unique style of Kung Fu: The Centipede, Snake, Scorpion, Lizard, and Toad.

The Master’s final student, who knows a little of each Kung Fu style, must attempt to team up with one of the other “Venoms” to destroy the evil Venoms if there are any. Avarice and betrayal ensue as the student discovers that some of the former pupils have indeed turned to the dark side. The question becomes: Which one of the Venoms can he trust enough to team up with?
The plot is interesting and twisty, the characters are cool each with their own style - toad, snake, lizard etc. The action is limited in comparison with other Chang Cheh / Venoms films but what is there is interesting with different kung-fu styles on display from the various characters. I recommend this film to those who think all Shaw Brothers especially Chang Cheh's films are the same, most of his films usually focus on the 10 tigers and Shaolin vs Manchu conflicts. This film is breath of fresh air in comparison.

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